tisdag 15 januari 2013

Lords of Metal

Review from Lords of Metal:

"If you use the most melancholic instrument ever, not counting the cello as a matter of fact, and let this be a mark on your music, you have won the battle. If you drape the slow pace of the folkloristic drone ambient music around it, you have won the war. And, if you get enchanted by the six industrial icy forest tunes like I have, you might end high in my 2012 list for sure. The I presume Swedish but it is kind of mysterious- band Hamnskifte uses the medieval sounding instrumental songs of this Fodzlepijnan to sow confusion of in which box to put them and the variety makes it rather difficult to tell. Originally this release saw daylight on a small label called Starlight Temple Society in a quantity of a mere one hundred and twenty-five copies. Can you imagine? The band, who says to be influenced by Burzum, Nortt, Trollmann Av Ildtoppberg but surely Skepticism and Earth, has found a new label in the Russian Myrkr Records, a division of Vegvisir Music. They will make at least a thousand CDs and for the vinyl freaks among us also a vinyl edition in the quantity of three hundred copies. More than just atmospherically and more than right to give this band the proper exposure! Great release, this Fodzlepijnan."