tisdag 24 juli 2012


Greetings, folks!

In case you have missed it, our album "Födzlepijnan" has just recently been re-released by the kind people at new Russian label Myrkr (an offshoot of Vegvisir music)! It is available right now on cd, packaged in a 6 panel digipack (limited to 1000 copies), with expanded art designed in conjunction between us, Hamnskifte, and the label, but it will also be available later this year as a 2xLP (limited to 500 copies), for those of you out there who still prefer your music on vinyl.
    Out of courtesy for the label we have decided to remove the option to download "Födzlepijnan" over at our Bandcamp-site. Sorry for any inconvenience that might cause. You can however still listen to the album in its entirety there.
    We will eventually have copies of the album to sell as well (and will put up pictures of them when we do), but for the moment head over here if you are interested in acquiring a copy. Note however that the site is in Russian.

Be well,